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II. Communication of Refugee Students wit
   As a second measure of refugee students’
  this survey investigates the students’ fre
  results are summarized in Table-10. 22% of
  to their teachers during the lectures. The
  statistically signi�icant. Thus, more than
  their teachers.
          Refugee Students   Turkish Student
          Girls      Boys   Girls      Boys
   Can you    Always   23%   <   35%   52%
   ask question    Sometimes   55%   >   44%
   to your teachers?
     Table – 9: Communication of students wi
    (Note: The sign ≈ means that the differe
   In the same school environment, the
  fraction of Turkish students who rarely as
  question to their teacher is  very low
  relative to RS. It is 8% for Turkish girls
  9% for Turkish boys. Unlike RS, there is n
  signi�icant difference between Turkish gir
  and  boys  in  terms of  their  frequency
  asking questions  to their teachers. The
  majority  of Turkish students always ask
  question to their teachers (52% and 50%).
  The fraction of RS who always ask question
  is very low relative to Turkish students.
  Especially for RS girls, the fraction is v
  low, 23% which is less than  half of the
  percentage of Turkish girls.
   Therefore, it is revealed that the
  communication of RS with their teachers is
  very low relative to Turkish students in t
  same class. Teachers should encourage RS
  to ask question. It would not waste of tim
  Instead, both refugee and Turkish students
  get opportunity of better understanding.
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