Page 8 - IO1-Survey
P. 8

The  �igures  in  Table-7  and  Table-8
  reporting refugee and Turkish  students’
  frequency of playing with each other revea
  that the communication among students is
  weak and  the integration  of RS  is very
  limited. Only 27% of refugee girls and 33%
  of refugee boys always playing games with
  their  Turkish friends (Table-7). The   ot
  situation is worse for Turkish students;
  lower fraction of  Turkish  girls (17%) an
  boys (19%) always plays with their refugee
  friends (Table-8). Among these low ratios,
  willingness  of both refugee and Turkish
  boys  to  play games  with  each  other is
  higher relative to girls  as expected.
        students. Besides, MEB should suppor
   On the other hand, the majority of   scho
  Turkish students are reluctant to play wit
  their refugee friends. This fact is a sign
  very  serious  problem  and  urgent
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