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To sum up, RS are older than Turkish
  students for all classes of middle schools
  Turkish  Education System (TES). The age
  gap  can  be  serious  problem  in
  communication among refugee and Turkish
  students. Therefore, school managers and
  teachers should be aware of this fact and
  must be trained by MEB to be able improve
  the communication among students at
  various ages.
   This age-gap  can be perceived as
  normal when the natural structure of
  refugee students  is considered. Since the
  movements of refugee children is out of th
  control of  national education system, the
  age structure of RS cannot converge to the
  age of regular classes in a short period o
  time.  To investigate  this issue  further
  were asked for how long they have been in
  Turkey. The results are reported in Table
  For RS attending 5th-class, only 43% of
  them are at regular age of 5th-class and t
  rest 57% are older. 76% of these older RS
  have been in Turkey for at least 4 years.
  other words, the majority of these RS   ar
  cannot  be included school life on time
  although they have been in Turkey. The   f
  situation is same for 6th, 7th and 8th cla
  too. 70% of older RS at 6th-class, 89% of
  older RS at 7th-class and 80% of older RS
  8th-class have been living in Turkey for a
  least 4 years (Table-2). Therefore, the ag
  gab problem in TES is a result of failure
  timely inclusion  of refugee children  to
  school life.  intensify their communicatio
      5th-class   6th-class   7th-class   8t
   Regular age   11   12   13   14
   % of regular age   43%   36%   67%   69%
   In Turkey more than 4 years
      76%   70%   89%   80%
     Table – 2: Age structure of refugee stu

    Girls  Family 1,74  ≈   Refugee Friends
    Boys  1,48  <  1,9  <  2,62  ≈  2,69
  Table – 3: Refugee students’ talking frequ
   your family, native friends, teachers and
     Note-2: The sign ≈ means that the diffe
   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10