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This survey investigates the real-life sit
  end, it aims to measure the level of 1) co
  and 3) school life adaptation of RS. In ad
  intensify the integration progress of RS.
  math course can be taught without extensiv
  knowledge of host country’s national langu
  able  to  learning  math  promotes  the  s
   This survey investigates the real-life si
  Turkish Education System (TES). To this en
  of RS with Turkish students, 2) communicat
  adaptation of RS. In addition, this survey
  practical tool to intensify the integratio
  Universal Language of  Mathematics  (ULM)
  extensive  usage of national  language of
  knowledge of host country’s national langu
  learning national language. Being able to
  facilitates their integration into nationa
   The survey was conducted in capital city
  14th June 2019. By visiting 14 middle scho
  surveyed.  Based  on  of�icial  data  obta
  middle schools which would be visited were
  students were determined according to the
  distributions represent the real-life situ
   I. Communication of Refugee Students with
   The �irst and the most important sign   r
  of  the integration of  students  is  thei
  communication  among  themselves.  Turkish
  Therefore, this survey aims to �irstly rev
  the communication frequency/level of   age
  refugee  students (RS)  with Turkish   als
  students. But before this  point, age   (1
  structure of RS in comparison with Turkish
  students is  presented in Table-1. For   T
  students attending  5th-class, the average
  age of RS, which is 11,77, is higher than
  age of regular class in TES which is   8th

    5th-class   6th-class   7th-class   8th-
   Refugee   11,77   12,92   13,28   14,03
   Turkish   10,97   11,83   12,87   13,83
      Girls   Boys   Girls   Boys   Girls
   Refugee   11,76   11,78   12,86   13,00
   Turkish   10,88   11,07   11,76   11,90
     Table – 1: Average age of students
   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9