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For both refugee boys and girls, there
  is a  big difference  between Turkish   Gi
  communication frequency of  RS with
  refugee  friends  and  communication  Refu
  frequency of RS  with Turkish friends
  (Table-3).  In  national  Turkish middle
  schools, RS differentiate their Turkish
  friends with their refugee friends and ten
  to communicate with their refugee friends
         frequency in Turkish.
  in their native language. This fact is mor
  apparent for refugee girls (Table-4)
   The lowest Turkish communication frequenc
  cases of Turkish communication with Turkis
  boys  have higher  frequency  relative  to
  families, refugee boys have lower frequenc
  families from their refugee friends whose
  their Turkish communication preference. Bu
  their refugee friends. Although  their ref
  language, refugee boys prefer less Turkish
  communication, refugee girls tend to use T
    Refugee Students   Girls       Boys
   How often do you    Always   70%   <   79
   speak Turkish with your    Sometimes   17
   Turkish friends?   Rarely   13%   ≈   10%
   Table – 5: Refugee students’ talking freq
    Turkish Students   Girls       Boys
   How often do you    Always   49%   >   43
   speak Turkish with your    Sometimes   32
   refugee friends?   Rarely   19%   <   26%
   Table – 6: Turkish students’ talking freq
    (Note: The sign ≈ means that the differe
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